Information and pictures of the Staff at A Child's First Steps Child Care Center!

  • Director Rachelle Burt We look forward to helping your child take their first steps in their education!
  • RECE Supervisor Arika Armstrong

Toddler Room

  • Head Toddler Teacher Rebekah Gallimore
  • RECE Toddler Teacher Marta Banha
  • Toddler Teacher Alison Cooper

Preschool Room

  • Head RECE Preschool Teacher Kaitlyn Peters
  • Preschool Teacher Esther Seilern-Jones

Pre JK Room

  • Head RECE Pre-JK Teacher Theresa Galea
  • Pre-JK Teacher Hannah Bleasdale

Other Staff

  • Cook/Supply Martha Ferreira
  • RECE Lunch Coverage Hilde Raven
  • Main Supply Cheyenne Sampson